Brain Matter and Black Lights

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Well, I’m on a road trip. Found myself in non other than Brigham City! Brain Matter and Black Lights. Wait for it. This one is gonna be good! Now, I ain’t naming names because I just got here, and I never accuse falsely, much, but I stumbled into a high echelon, deeply penetrating story here.

Y’all remember a couple weeks ago, when I waxed majestic, got all teary-eyed, jumped on my soap box, and told you how they was trotting a few ladies out up here in the city park? Well, it gets better!

Seems there’s an investigation going on right now involving a local school principal, couple CPS workers, a cop, and, of course, a string of little girls. The truth be known there is a problem with Lindsay Park. The only thing I didn’t understand was they don’t CARE!

After my story broke, cop and



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