Bogus 2nd Amendment Documentary Might Cost Katie Couric Millions

The Virginia Citizens Defense League is suing Katie Couric for $12 million in damages for a documentary she produced and appeared in.  The group claims the documentary edited an interview to make the VCDL look foolish and uninformed. This story was originally reported in May after the documentary aired and the real audio was released exposing the truth.  Katie Couric said it wasn’t her decision to make the edit, but she did take the blame. 

Katie Couric is in hot water again for the misleading documentary she made earlier this year about gun rights.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League, a non-profit group dedicated to protecting gun owners’ rights to bear arms, is suing Couric for $12 million in damages.

In may, it came to light that Katie Couric and the team behind the documentary edited the group in a negative way to distort their image and the facts.




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