BLM Instigator Arrested For Beating Woman With A Hammer


In terms of violence and unmitigated anger, no one can compare to the thugs of the Black Lives Matter radical terrorist organization.

As the Black Lives Matter organization continues to brand themselves as a violent and oppressive group, their members’ crimes are growing more heinous.

Between their brazen attacks on police and their penchant for racially-charged violence, the organization has turned from little-known “social organization” to full-blown bigoted militia.  Now, one of the faces of the organization has been arrested for a ridiculous and heinous attack.

“In July, Minnesota police officer, Jeronimo Yanez, shot and killed Philando Castile while the latter was allegedly reaching for his identification. Diamond Reynolds, Castile’s girlfriend, streamed the aftermath on Facebook Live…

“According to KMSP, when a woman noticed she was being followed by a white SUV, she pulled into a parking lot. As she exited her vehicle, she saw Diamond Reynolds, and Chnika Blair:

“‘Reynolds punched the…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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