Black Magazine Says “Patriotism is For White People”

It’s stunning what you can find online these days. I wonder if this is what Al Gore imagined when he invented it.

The Root is an online magazine that describes themselves as:

(The Root) is a digital magazine that provides thought-provoking commentary and news from a variety of black perspectives.

Do they really think that patriotism is only for white people? They recently tweeted just that opinion.

Patriotism is for white people

— The Root (@TheRoot) September 26, 2017

The author of the piece, Terrell Jermaine Starr, is absolutely not kidding. I am quite sure there are more than a few African Americans who would disagree with his assessment of patriotism. Maybe he just doesn’t understand the meaning? Maybe he doesn’t realize that the red, white, and blue loves all Americans, no matter their melanin levels.

Mr. Starr stated this is why he believes patriotism is



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