Bill Clinton Sought Permission For Russian Nuke Exec. Meet As Uranium One Deal Was Close

Bubba Clinton sought permission from the State Department to meet with key Russian nuclear officials including a member of the board of the company that would eventually purchase Uranium One allowing Moscow to control 20% of American Uranium reserves. And in the end instead of meeting with the Russian nuke officials he went to Vladimir Putin’s house and met with the Russian despot. The Hill discovered emails indicating indicating that former POTUS Bubba Clinton made that the request in June 2010, four months before his wife and former Presidental candidate Hillary Clinton on the committee that approved the Uranium One sale and the Clinton Foundation recieved millions of dollars of donations from Russian sources and Uranium One shareholders.  The former President was sceduled to go to Russia make a speech for a half million dollars paid by Renaissance Capital, a Russian bank,  when he asked the State Deparment run

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