Bill Clinton Accused Was of Sexual Assault 15x, Why Is He Treated Like A Hero?

The fact that the Democrats and the mainstream media are all over Judge Moore and expect every Republican to call for his resignation is simply hypocritical. Especially when one considers that Bill Clinton has been accused of sexual assault at least fifteen times and most of the cases have been ignored by the MSM and the party. Not only is the former president treated with reverence and his opinion is sought after. Perhaps Democratic leaders should be asked if the media should be interviewing the former president despite the fact that he may have sexually assaulted 15 or more women.

The below are 15 different cases of sexual assault or attempted assault committed by former president Bubba Clinton. This doesn’t include the women Bubba had consensual affairs with such as  Gennifer Flowers, or Sally Miller, only the women he forced or tried to force to have sexual contact without their permission. Also included in that



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