Bestiality Wins In Canada

Beastiality Wins In Canada (Image: MGN)

Sexual acts with animals are now legal in Canada, as long as no penetration is involved. Canada isn’t the only one, there are eleven states in the U.S. that do not outlaw it. Germany is also jumping on the bestiality band-wagon, “animal brothels” are a new trend. People are stating that sex with animals is the new “lifestyle choice.”

For all of the fuzzy lovers out there, the highest courts in Canada have just ruled that some sexual acts between humans and their furry loved ones are legal. 

The case was brought about when a man was tried for the rape and sexual exploitation of his own daughters. How did he do this you ask? He smeared peanut butter on their genitalia and while their dog licked it off, he videotaped. He took the case to the Supreme Court, wanting the bestiality charge to be…



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