Bernie Sanders Thinks Christians Shouldn’t Be Allowed In Government

Ladies and gentlemen, the title is not hyperbole. Bernie Sanders’ behavior shouldn’t be a surprise, after all he is a socialist and Karl Marx did say that religion is the opiate of the masses.

On Wednesday, President Trump’s nominee to be Deputy Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, Russell Vought, appeared before the Senate Committee on the Budget. The committee is supposed to vet Mr. Vought to ensure that he is qualified for the position and prepared to do the job. Sadly, instead what occurred was an unconstitutional dressing down of a patriotic American whose closely held personal religious beliefs were assaulted by a US Senator.

Not just any Senator either. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) who was a breath away from being the Democrat nominee for President spent a couple of minutes attacking Vought’s religious beliefs before he declared that people like Vought (Christians) did not…



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