Bernie Sanders & Mrs. Lawyer Up As FBI Investigates Wife For Bank Fraud

By Andrew West

Bernie Sanders played up his hatred of big banks to campaign during 2016 primaries, it turns out that the democratic socialist has more than slightly overstated his fiduciary footwork. It turns out that instead of promising to break up the big banks he should have been auditing his wife’s checkbook.

In the weeks following his capitulation to doomed candidate Hillary Clinton, Sanders came under fire for rumors that he took a massive bribe to give Clinton a wide berth.  Shortly afterward, in a poorly timed transaction, Bernie plunked down a small fortune on a lake house for he and his wife, Jane, who was also stewing in her own brand of financial folly.

Jane Sanders’ troubles began with accusations of bank fraud being levied in her general direction after accounting discrepancies were detected in her work with a local Vermont college.  Now, these allegations are turning even uglier, with Bernie…



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