Bernie Sanders Is Making Your Kid Chubby


By Michael Karolchyk

A month ago Mother nature took a big, wet, nasty and frigid dump on New jersey. I was outside shoveling furiously as the wind assaulted me from all sides when I saw my 13 year old neighbor outside playing in the snow. I asked the testosterone-deficient, pudgy cheeked boy if he wanted to make some extra cash and shovel my driveway.   When I was this slacker’s age I looked at snow as a gift from gods; it wasn’t snowflakes but coins from the sky that would fill my pockets when I would shovel all my neighbor’s driveways.

The budding socialist said , “What do I need money for?”

Incredulous, I retorted, “Um, to buy things!”

The chubby shrugged his shoulders and said, “My mom gets me whatever I want and I have a credit card if I want to buy things.”  Millennials …….. a generation of weak,…



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