Bernie Sanders Fans Believe He Should Be Handed 2020 Democratic Nomination

Bernie Sanders and his team of extremist liberals wants to take over the Democratic Party and follow that by winning the Democratic nomination in 2020.This past weekend, Sanders and his supporters were dominant at the  People’s Summit in Chicago, and the 2020 election was the most popular topic

Sanders used his People’s Summit speech to re-litigate the 2016 primaries, taking shots at the establishment Democrats who tipped the scales toward Hillary Clinton.

But it was his unsparing assessment of the party whose nomination he sought in 2016 that set off an audience of nearly 4,000 mostly dedicated ‘Berniecrats.’ ‘I am often asked by the media and others, ‘How did it come about that Donald Trump, the most unpopular presidential candidate in the modern history of our country, won the election?’ he offered teasingly as chants of “Bernie would have won” filled the hall. ‘My answer is that Trump didn’t win the election,…



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