Bernie Sanders Emerges as French Fashion Icon

Bernie Sanders’ frumpy style has somehow inspired a French fashion designer.

The aging senator from Vermont, who was railroaded out of the nomination by collusion between the DNC and Hillary Clinton, has apparently inspired a famous French fashion designer to create an entire line of clothing based on him.

“French fashion house Balenciaga made the former Democratic Presidential candidate their muse for their fall Paris Fashion Week collection, sending models down the runway decked out in Bernie-inspired campaign attire, and even the Vermont Senator’s signature white orthopedic sneakers.

“Balenciaga’s head designer, Demna Gvasalia, was clear that his seasonal menswear looks were a nod to the self-described socialist, and nearly every outfit featured Bernie’s signature red-and-white logo updated to say ‘Balenciaga’ instead.

“Bernie isn’t known for being a great dresser, preferring ill-fitting suits, loose ties, corduroy pants and puffer vests to the tailored look more common in politics. But it’s clear Balenciaga, which counts…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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