Bernie Gives Trump Big Thumbs Up on Big Pharma Promise

During the historic election of 2016, two candidates in particular were considered long-shots, outsiders, and rabble-rousers; one on each side of the aisle.

Bernie Sanders and President-Elect Trump apparently see eye-to-eye on Big Pharma.

The first is now our President-Elect, Donald Trump:  A billionaire businessman with a penchant for showmanship and a true love for the American Dream.  The other was Bernie Sanders:  An independent Senator from Vermont who ran as a democrat, who identifies willingly as a socialist, and who was railroaded away from the nomination by a corrupt DNC.

As it turns out, these two have at least one thing in common:  A wanton desire to dismantle the corrupt pieces of the Big Pharma industry.

“While most remember Trump’s Wednesday news conference for the unfortunate back-and-forth with CNN’s Jim Acosta, it was a different moment that piqued Sanders’ interest.

“’Our drug industry has been disastrous,’ Trump…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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