Baywatch Becomes Reality In Sweden

Sweden Has A Baywatch Police Force (Image: MGN)

A Swedish police officer dressed in a bikini tackled a thief.  The officer, Mikaela Kellner, was sunbathing with her friends when a man stole one of their cell phones.  Apparently, Bay Watch is a big deal over in Sweden. It looks like officer Kellner has solved the problem against police officers and the answer is… put them in bikinis.

The world has enjoyed the sights of the human body since Baywatch became a national treasure. Well, apparently, Sweden has taken the bikini-clad lifestyle of Baywatch to heart. Mikaela Kellner, a Swedish police officer, is being praised for tackling a fleeing thief while wearing nothing but a bikini.

Apparently, Kellner was off-duty and sunbathing with friends when she witnessed the criminal had taken a cell phone from her group of “sunbathing friends”.

The thief didn’t even know what hit him.

The man, reportedly, walked…



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