Bannon and Ingraham Team Up to Help Outsider Unseat Anti-Trump Sen. Jeff Flake

It was just over the weekend that Stephen Bannon told an audience at the Values Voters Summit,

“This is our war…the Establishment started it…You all are gonna’ finish it!”

Of course, that was also when he called Sen. Bob Corker (TN-R) a ‘real piece of work’ too. Most importantly though Bannon said, “Nobody can run and hide. The day of taking a few conservative votes and running and hiding … over.”

Bannon was not kidding. Now, he’s teamed up with fellow conservative and radio talk show host Laura Ingraham to take on Sen. Jeff Flake (AZ-R). Tuesday night, Bannon and Ingraham were on hand to launch Dr. Kelli Ward’s bid to unseat Flake in Scottsdale.

“This revolt is going from Alabama to Arizona,” Bannon proclaimed in a reference to Judge Roy Moore’s win over Sen. Luther Strange in the Alabama Republican primary special election last month despite Strange’s support



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