Bank Robbers Hit Armored Car In Rush Hour Traffic MUST SEE [VIDEO]

DRAMATIC footage of a real-life van heist captured the moment armored car doors were flung high into the air in a massive explosion.  Like a Hollywood action movie the thieves take out the doors, one of which went sailing into the air without a care of who gets hurt.  These guys are serious.

The video begins showing gridlocked traffic during rush hour on a busy stretch of motorway.

In the distance, smoke can be seen billowing into the air.

Seconds later, a thunderous boom echoes out before car doors from an armored van carrying cash are catapulted into the sky.

In a hilarious real-life re-enactment of the infamous The Italian Job scene, it seems the robbers also failed to “only blow the bloody doors off” as warned by Michael Caine’s character, Charlie Croker.





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