Attorney General Jeff Sessions Vows to Crack Down on Illegal Alien Identity Theft

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions rolled out a new series of measures to enforce immigration law and prevent further illegal immigration in Arizona on Tuesday, including aggressive prosecution of identity theft.

Illegal aliens using fraudulent documents will be charged with aggravated identity theft, Sessions said. A memo issued to U.S. Attorneys’ offices also stated that prosecutors should seek charges for aggravated identity theft and the fraud or misuse of visas, permits, and other documents in such cases.

It is an important step towards controlling illegal immigration and crime overall: As the Center for Immigration Studies explained, illegals commit rampant identity theft and document fraud while residing in the U.S., wrecking lives and costing victims millions.

“Because it is virtually impossible to live and work in the United States without documents… millions… turn to fraudulent document dealers for falsified Social Security cards, forged drivers licenses, counterfeit green cards, and a wide…



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