Attorney General Jeff Sessions May Be DC’s Slyest Fox

Do you need some reassurance as to why Attorney General Jeff Sessions may be a lot smarter and a lot more savvy than he has been given credit for? Here is a list of actions and information that show the hows and whens. This will prove to you that Mr. Sessions has been ahead of the game all along. This should come as no small comfort to President Trump. Read on, you may be surprised.

As Written and Reported By Mark Tapscott for Lifezette: 

All this time, people have thought the attorney general’s recusal put him on the sidelines of the Trump-Russia collusion investigation.

President Donald Trump reportedly called him “Mr. Magoo” in a recent private conversation — but a little-noticed comment by the embattled attorney general provides strong evidence Jeff Sessions just may be Washington’s slyest fox.

The comment came in an interview with Fox News’ Shannon Bream the same day



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