Assassinating America: A World Without Trump

Assassinating America: A World Without Trump (Image: MGN)

An attempt was made on Donald Trumps life. It failed…but what if it hadn’t? 

Death is never an easy thing, and it shouldn’t be. People out of anger, frustration, fear, misunderstanding, and religion take the lives of people on a daily basis. We’ve come to expect it.

Yet, a 19-year old kid had created a reason, whatever it was, inside his head that told him that Donald Trump had to be wiped off the face of the Earth. Not only did he manifest this idea in his mind, but he was actively trying to execute it.

Yet, let’s take a second and think….what would the world have been like if he succeeded? What would the world be like without Trump?

Well, first off we would be stuck with Hillary, which is a nightmare in itself. 

The things that Trump stood for, the things…



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