Asian Students Demand Reparations For Pain Caused By “SUMO SUIT” Wrestling Event

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An innocent good time or racist oppression? That is the discussion on the University of California-Davis campus after an event that featured fat-sumo-suit wrestling.

From the Campus Reform:

The student government at the University of California-Davis (UC Davis) quickly saved face after its constituents scorned the governing body for renting out a pair of sumo suits for an annual campus block party.

Students accused the Associated Students of the University of California-Davis (ASUCD) of fat shaming, and culturally appropriating the traditions of the Japanese people.

“[A]s a heavy-American, I don’t appreciate the blatant fat-shaming involved with caricaturing [sumo wrestling].”

“My overall impression is that this conversation is in itself an expression of white-supremacist anti-Asian structural racism,” student Scott Tsuchitani told The California Aggie. “Asian Americans are treated as mute, hapless victims, devoid of agency, a.k.a. the ‘model minority’ stereotype. That is what is…



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