Army About to Bestow Huge Cash Settlement With Traitor Bowe Bergdahl

Now that a military judge has decided Bowe Bergdahl does not deserve a day in prison for desertion, leading to the death of six soldiers and the severe injuries suffered by several more, the Army has to decide what ridiculous amount of money they will pay him for being an AWOL traitor.  He could collect as much as $300k and as little as $150k.  Since he is not going to prison, he is eligible for back pay from the time he joined   was captured by the Taliban until today.

Besides that, there is the matter of special pay for having been a “prisoner of war.”  That is an additional $150k.  If they can’t get around it, Bergdahl will receive $300k for betraying his country and getting six honorable soldiers killed and several others badly injured.  To me, that is obscene.  And remember, Obama traded five terrorists who were responsible



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