Argentinian Feminists Abort Jesus in Women’s Day Protest

I have stated over and over that the reason that people are such avid supporters of abortion is their love for sin. I point to Proverb 8:36, and the point that it makes about the hatred of God’s wisdom and the consequential love of death.

There is also another reason that the feminist loves abortion, she hates God. These women especially hate the Godman Jesus Christ. This was clearly on display at the Argentinian Women’s Day March.

Heat Street reports

Argentinian feminists staged a mock abortion on a woman dressed as the Virgin Mary near a Cathedral as part of an International Women’s Day protest.

A photograph has appeared depicting mask-wearing feminists performing the fake termination. Blood and body parts gush from between the “Virgin Mary’s” legs. She holds a fist in the air and smiles while wearing a rosary around her neck, LifeSiteNews reported.

Activist group Pan y…



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