Are You Surprised That Obamacare Is Not Repealed?

Many people that I talk to concerning Obamacare have been satisfied by Ryan’s replacement bill. And I am shocked that the same people that were anti-Obamacare are pro-Ryancare. The reason that I am surprised is that I had begun to hope for Americans.

I thought that with the surprising victory of Trump, the American people had finally awoken to the fact that the Dems and GOP were playing for the same side. Big money, socialists were in power, and even though I am not crazy about Trump, he is better than having an establishment man/woman in power.

But, here we are two months into the “populous era, ” and we still are facing the same socialist mush about healthcare. The world is coming to an end if everyone has to pay for their healthcare.

They are so quickly backing out of their promise to repeal. But are you surprised? They…



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