Are you ‘mad as hell’?

Since taking over for Art Bell as host of the mega-hit “Coast-to-Coast AM” radio program in 2003, George Noory has come to identify with another iconic figure: film character Howard Beale.

Beale, a network TV anchor (portrayed by Peter Finch in 1976’s “Network”) who “lost it” as he watched society unravel, stood up on national television and with a deranged look in his eyes, shouted: “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

Lo and behold, it resonated with the masses – much like the Donald Trump phenomenon has done today.

Noory shares some things in common with these larger-than-life men; namely, his discernment about what “the people” really want and think. After decades on the air talking to everyone from truck drivers to UFO researchers, Noory was compelled to have his own “Mad as Hell” moment and thus was born his new blockbuster



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