Are Some Teenagers Too Rich To Know ‘Right’ From ‘Wrong?’

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Remember the word “affluenza,” the term Ethan Couch’s defense team popularized in his fatal DUI crash? Well, Couch is making headlines again for his bender at a Mexican strip club, which violated his probation terms.

The debate on whether or not “affluenza” is a legitimate legal defense or not (it’s not) is above.


Basically the term was coined in the 2013 Ethan Couch DUI case, where the 16-year-old brutally mowed down four people, killing them, and severely injuring many others.

Couch’s defense team argued that because the spoiled brat was raised in opulence he wasn’t able to differentiate between ‘right’ from ‘wrong,’ and thus should be shielded from the consequences of his deadly behavior.

Rather than laugh this twisted reasoning out of her courtroom, Judge Jean Boyd not only entertained it, but sentenced Couch to a lousy 10 years of probation.

Now Ethan Couch is…



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