Apple Computers Feeling Trump Effect, American Expansion Imminent


Joining the list of major manufacturers who are seeking to invest back in the American business landscape is Apple computers, makers of the ever-popular iPhone.

Apple Computers will finally expand their U.S. manufacturing contingent now that Donald Trump is coming into office.

Apple’s plans for an American manufacturing expansion come as business mogul Donald Trump is set to take the Oval Office on January 20th.  The change represented by Trump, who is by all accounts a Washington outsider and exemplary businessman, has spurred many a corporation into reinvesting their infrastructure here in America.

“Amid pressure to build products at home, Apple is seeking to conduct ‘high-tech manufacturing’ at one of its American plants, according to a federal government filing.

“Apple has requested to make finished products in its facility in Mesa, Arizona, according to the document, first reported by Business Insider. Right now, it has permissions to make consumer electronics components there, the filing&helli



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