Antifa Flop! What Happens When You Call for “Revolution” and Nobody Shows Up?

Why does Antifa cover their faces? Because if their moms find out they’ll be grounded for like a whole year! (thanks for the laugh whoever started that meme!)

November 4, 2017 was built up to be the beginning of the resistance. The goal? To ultimately unseat President Trump (even though that’s not exactly how the system works, but I digress). Antifa was going to rise up in cities around the country and protest the “Trump regime.” This was it. The beginning of the end. Instead, nobody really showed up. Too bad for those guys who got their ninja costumes off the clearance rack after Halloween! Maybe they kept their receipts…

To ensure maximum participation, the event was advertised in the New York Times with a full page ad:

Ya know what, Antifa? If you can take out a full page ad in a newspaper to announce an uprising against



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