Anti-Trump Protest Leader Facing Sexual Abuse Charges


Portland, Oregon has been ablaze with anti-Presidential sentiment ever since the election of Donald Trump, and one liberal protest leader is now facing despicable charges.

One liberal protest leader is facing disgusting sexual abuse charges.

As the country grows divided, with the blame for that falling squarely and unequivocally on the shoulders of the intolerant liberal segregationists of America, rhetoric has transformed into vitriol among those on the political left.  Their vile actions in the streets apparently stem from their similarly vile actions between the sheets.

“One of the leaders of disorderly anti-Trump protests in Portland, Oregon is facing sexual abuse charges after a police investigation into his relationship with a teenage boy, local news outlets are reporting.

“Micah Rhodes, who was expected in court Monday, is a leader of the protest group Portland’s Resistance. The 23-year-old Rhodes is already a registered sex offender, according to KOIN, and was previously arrested for disorderly conduct in…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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