Anti-Trump Ballot Access Laws Coming to Blue States

After the election of Donald Trump, liberals the nation over have been working on ways to mitigate the risk of another populist president from being elected.

After the election of Donald Trump, several blue states are enacting legislation aimed squarely at insulting the soon-to-be president.

The will of the people in electing Donald Trump as the 45th president of these United States means absolutely nothing to the entitled liberals who believed that Hillary Clinton was the inevitable and certain selection for the highest office in the land.  Now, in their frustration and grief, the American political left will enact new statutes in blue states that ring as a pure insult to The Donald.

“Donald Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns was a controversial issue for many during the election. Now some blue state legislators are proposing a ‘TRUMP’ law for ballot access in future elections. A proposed…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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