Anti-immigrant flyers circulate in Burien, shocking residents

BURIEN,  Wash. — An organization that took aim at Burien’s sanctuary city status is now taking heat for distributing flyers with the names and addresses of alleged undocumented immigrants in town. Some were listed as criminals or gang members.

Ask the people living in Burien about the sanctuary city debate, “It’s very heated,” said Stacy Wikle whose lived in south Seattle for about 15 years.

Wikle says the flyers sent out by Respect Washington organization adds to the fiery rhetoric around immigrants in the community.

“I personally find it distasteful and not compassionate,” said Wikle.

Respect Washington says the flyers were sent to people who signed the petition to put Proposition 1 on the November ballot to overturn Burien’s sanctuary city status.

“This was a communication to the good people in Burien that deserve to know what happened on Prop 1 and why it was stricken on the ballot. It’s



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