Another Week Down

From lazy Mondays to Hillary’s assault on everything holy, this week has been full of twists and turns. Another week down. The conspiracy theories rolled out of Las Vegas like cheap shoes in China. The now famous security guard was first a hero, then a person of interest, then a missing person. You just have to watch the FBI. When they start acting stupidER than usual they’re either stumped, or they’re covering something up. I know, I know, they would have us believe they could find a pubic hair in a bus station in San Francisco and solve the JFK assassination, unfortunately when J. Edgar Hoover died apparently he DID take it with him.

Trump trumped Obamacare. For The Donald Obamacare is like a pregnant girlfriend who just won’t go away. Fiddling with the complex verbiage of the act, which even congress didn’t have time to read.
Kinda like messing



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