Another Great Hero Of The Ring Has Fallen

Another Great Hero Of The Ring Has Fallen (Image: MGN)

He may not be as widely known as Muhammad Ali, but Kimbo Slice was just as important to the underground world of MMA.

The 6’2″ 234 lb heavyweight was a monster in the ring. During his professional boxing career he had 7 professional fights, all of which he won, six of those wins were done so by knockout. During his professional MMA career he had 8 professional fights, five of which he won, two he lost, and one was a non-contest. It’s fair enough to say that Kimbo Slice was a tank of an opponent in and out of the ring. 

Kimbo Slice’s rise to fighting glory happened through one thing, the internet. He was one of the original street fighters that would release videos on YouTube, and sooner or later his domination in the street starting getting him attention.…



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