Another Change Revealed of Comey’s So-Called Exoneration Statement in the Clinton Case

The fact of the hacking of Hillary Clinton’s email server by Russians is almost a foregone conclusion without much thought needed. The FBI thought as much last year and that was their assessment. There has been no follow-up assessment of the damage done to national security by the hacking.

Internal documents seem to prove beyond a doubt that Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was given a pass by the FBI for the violation of national security. You can see how the statements by the FBI were watered down to almost nothing by Director James Comey’s staff. 

If you had committed such a lapse in protecting national interests, it would be a foregone conclusion that you would already be in jail. There are many past prosecutions of others to point out to back that theory up. 

As Written By Chuck Ross for the Daily Caller:

The FBI assessed last year that it was “reasonably likely”



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