Ann Coulter Is A Victim Of The Hollywood Liberal’s Double Standard

Last week we talked about the jokes that were made at Ann Coulter’s expense during Rob Lowes roast. Where now that we have the actual video to back them up, it is worse than previously disclosed.

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This just shows you how savagely the left will attack the right, no matter how petty or hurtful. On top of it all, they want us to think that they are the open minded and respectful party. You would never see something like this from a group of Republicans.

The whole point of this was to send a message, that Ann Coulter and, by extension, other conservatives, should stay out of the liberal comedians’ way. After all, it’s all free speech and harmless jokes until someone triggers a college kid with their microaggression.

You see, there is a clear double standard at work here that…



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