Andre the Giant v Wonder Woman

Ok, this just got graduated to “story!” I’m so happy. Heretofore this man, from this point forward known as “Beetlejuice,” has been running small time confidence games all along the east coast, and in Southern California. It generally went like this. He’d start some storefront company, which these days is known as an Internet presence, get bank interim to begin building, and default. Leaving a trail of bad checks and drying two by fours he’d jump state lines, say like from New York to Pennsylvania, and do it all over again.

As luck would have it, all them chickens came home one day, and he ended up under some kind of charge. Now at this point the story line blurrs a little, the records showing some fairly interesting court proceedings, while he says the entire situation was an out of control parking ticket. Suffice to say, he…



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