And The Cover-Up Continues [Video]

[VIDEO] Not only CNN but other big names in the mainstream media got the Wikileaks and Donald Trump story all wrong. That is because they all received the same bad input from their sources. How did this happen? Was there just one source? Did this source get the date wrong on purpose? It sure made for one hell of a Russian collusion story based on the wrong date given about the Wikileaks sourcing. Here is a criticism that is greatly deserved, from one of their own. Be sure and watch the video.

As Written By and For Breitbart News: 

Liberal journalist Glenn Greenwald writes at the The Intercept that CNN’s blatantly false report that Wikileaks (and thus Russia) had been caught attempting to collude with the Trump campaign before the release of the trove of DNC emails was the start of “one of the most embarrassing days for the U.S. media in quite a long time.” The fake news was hyped all over television



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