An Argument Against ‘Party Only Voting’ | Choosing The ‘Lesser Of Two Evils’ Isn’t Enough

One glorified argument raises its ugly head every election cycle. The “lesser of two evils” and why we should all vote against liberal democrats no matter who runs as the Republican. But ‘Party Only Voting’ needs to come to an end.

I admit that I am sympathetic to the theory. I do usually find two ways to be productive in life:

Produce Good Defeat Bad

Upon closer inspection however, politics tends to be more of a mire. It is not as black and white as Democrat vs Republican. I find the lesser of two evils argument to eventually lead to a scenario in which we fully despise both parties. We already have one of the most polarized political atmospheres possible. Nearly 99% of the Democrat Party is highly unfavorable (and that’s being nice) to a Constitutional Conservative. Likewise probably in the realm of 70% – 80% of current Republicans should…



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