Amy Schumer And Lena Dunham Are Big Fat Liars

A COMMENTARY By Michael Karolchyk.

Amy Schumer is really angry. I am talking about someone who ate the last of my Chubby Hubby Ice cream angry. Amy is mad because Glamour magazine put the chubby comedian on their cover of their special edition, a “chic at any size issue” issue. The issue gives praise and props to plus-sized female celebrities. This caused Amy to be more steamed than a tray of Chinese pork dumplings; Amy insists she is only a size 6 and not the size 12 or greater that is considered “plus-size”.

Her blubbery buddy, Lena Dunham, has jumped into defend Amy. Lena, while holding a Big Mac and Island Mango Slurpee, announced at her press conference, “Women are not supposed to be categorized in this role, we are supposed to be just be allowed to exist. Amy is just standing up for women to not be labeled.”




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