Americans Thankful for Personal Safety; Black Friday Gun Sales Smash Records

Black Friday shopping invokes images of people fighting over TVs, the latest toys and new gadgets, and this year was no different. The Black Friday frenzy is part deal seeking and part tradition for a lot of shoppers. This year Black Friday sales seem to be up across the board, which isn’t surprising to conservatives. The economy is roaring and consumer confidence is at it’s highest level in 17 years. It was a strong day, just what we needed.

Everybody likes when the economy is doing well and it’s good news to hear that Black Friday was a huge success. However, liberals will no doubt be fuming that the gun sector performed at record sales levels, according to the FBI. The FBI revealed that Black Friday 2017 saw the highest number of background checks requested in a single day. And while liberals might be befuddled that so many people would



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