American Treachery Exposed By Hackers

American’s Safety Has Been Hacked (Image: MGN)

The NSA was just hacked by a new group called the “Shadow Broker.” The group released coding for a malware software that the NSA developed. The software, called SECONDDATE, would intercept information and send it to an NSA-run server and infect it with malware then deliver it back to its original site before it could be detected. The NSA admitted to using the software on the site “”

A group called the “Shadow Broker,” a never before seen group, recently came forward and claimed to have hacked the NSA. The group announced that it was in possession of malware software that had been developed by the National Security Agency. Of course, the agency quickly went into a panic to try and determine if the code that the group released was indeed their own.

At first, the validity of the coding was only assumed…



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