America Should Move On From Hillary: Hillary Should Move On To Jail

Listen to Hillary’s five-word response to the Benghazi report that came out on Tuesday. “It’s time to move on.”

I don’t know about you, but I for one am not ready to “move on.” This is classic arrogance on Hillary’s part. She is inconvenienced by the continued public outrage at how she got four Americans killed. According to her, what difference does it make?

There is a very real possibility that Hillary Clinton will be in the White House next year and that should scare the hell out of you. She already has so much blood on her hands and I am terrified about how much more she would add with even just four years of her in the Oval Office.

It is our duty to never forget about Benghazi, to get the word out and vote in November, and make sure this monster never has any public…



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