Amendment 17 + Federalist 63 = Article 5

The founders were not inventors, they tried to emulate the best examples in history:  A government based on a powerful appointed senate.

The three longest lasting governments in world history all had a common element: Carthage, Sparta, and Rome, all had an appointed senate.  (Federalist #63 – fact checked by me.    ) In 1913, Amendment 17 ended the United States Senate and we changed from a bicameral republic to a bicameral democracy.

History of Democracy

All democracies become communist, they DON’T fix themselves. The public schools are not teaching this any more – they are LYING about democracy being good. Polybius first noticed the failing trend 2300 years ago.   He perfectly describes us today:  “Voters bribed by the politicians”.   No democracy in world history has survived more than 2-3 generations before the carnage begins.

We MUST have one or more Article 5 conventions to:

abolish amendment 17, thus makes us…



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