AMAZING: Watch Senator Al Franken Struggle With The Constitution

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In a video titled, Senator Franken Stumped By Sen. McConnell’s Argument On Witholding SCOTUS  Consent, it becomes painfully obvious that Mr. Franken should have stayed in comedy because he is good for a laugh.

The MSNBC host, which is generally considered a “friendly” environment for the likes of Franken, schooled him on just what constituted the legal situation behind “Advise and Consent”.

It’s funny the hashtag #DOYOURJOB is on the screen as it is obvious that Senator Franken doesn’t understand the Constitution.

At one point, the good Senator laughs and suggests maybe he should just stay in Minnesota…aah, now there’s a fine idea. Maybe he could spend some time fishing on one of those beautiful 10,000 lakes and use that time to read the Constitution he is supposed to be upholding.

If the shoe was on the other foot, and the democrats were in this position,…



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