Allahu Akbar! Lone Wolf Jihadi Murders Dem Narrative!

On Tuesday in New York City, eight people went for a bike ride and they died. Twelve others were severely injured.

How could that happen? Well, they didn’t have heart attacks.

They were MURDERED. Why?

Because they are Infidels. It’s really that simple. They were Americans and that is reason enough to kill someone if you are a Muslim Jihadi.

You see, in the mind of an Islamic Jihadi those bikers deserved to die for no reason other than they were not Islamic and they were members or western culture. We’ve seen it before…9/11 was the big shock, but now these smaller, more isolated attacks are all the rage.

This time, the murdering Islamic terrorist’s name is Sayfullo Saipov. He’s a lucky man. He’s a lottery winner, but he didn’t get millions. In 2010, he was struggling in Uzbekistan, but then he hit it big. He won a free ticket



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