Alan Dershowitz Is Getting Hit With Left-Wing Media Bias

Democratic Party hero and legal scholar Alan Dershowitz, a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election, is beginning to learn what it feels like when one diverges from the liberal media agenda. The former Harvard Law School professor is finding it hard to get his usual attention from the mainstream media because he doesn’t agree with their prescribed agenda regarding the Trump/Russia witch hunt.

Dershowitz told the Washington Examiner about reaching out to the New York Times last month after reading an op-ed contending that President Trump obstructed justice when he fired FBI Director Comey. The well-known legal scholar wanted to write an op-ed disputing the one that ran:

“I said that I thought the readers of the New York Times were entitled to hear or read the other side of the issue whether there were crimes committed,” said Dershowitz, a professor emeritus of Harvard Law School. “And I really do think The New York Times does…



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