Al Gore: The Earth Is Getting Colder Because It’s Getting Warmer

Say WHAT!? How is it that if the earth is getting colder, how can anyone then say it must be getting warmer!? How insane is Al Gore? What a pathetic supporter of global warming. It doesn’t matter how much research shows that global warming has been a hoax, like the captain of the ship of the Titantic, Al Gore is going down with the lies.

Scientists look at the real world and work carefully to reach a conclusion that fits. Fanatics work backwards: They take an assumption that they want desperately to be true, and force it on top of reality like hammering a square peg into a round hole.

That’s exactly what the failed presidential candidate seems to be doing, after he bent over backwards to explain that freezing temperatures in the U.S. are proof that, er, the world is overheating.

As much of the country battles bitter cold weather



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