Agonizing Over Charlottesville: It’s Not All Black And White

Usually, an opinion and perspective regarding a particular issue crystallize in my conciseness very quickly.  However when it came to President Trump’s reaction to the march and violence in Charlottesville last weekend, coming to an opinion literally made me sick to my stomach.Trump’s comment’s regarding Charlotteville weren’t all wrong as his critics have implied nor were they all good as his supporters have said.  Much of what the President said wrong was very horrible, some of it was good. He never said some of the quotes he is being criticized and much of the reaction of the press and his liberal critics is both mendacious and very ugly.

The president addressed Charlottesville three times. But it was really the third time, during a press conference where he outlined an impressive red-tape cutting proposal when the wheels fell off the presidential wagon.

His first statement made last Saturday was



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