After Obama’s War on Coal, New England Is NOW Paying the Price…BIG LEAGUE!

Residents in New England for years voted for the liberal Obama policies that supported the ‘global warming hoax’ and created the ‘war on coal’. Now, it seems, because of their past support for Obama’s policies they have found themselves in a situation where their energy supplies may not meet their demands because of the record-low temperatures in the New England area.

“While New England has adequate capacity resources to meet projected demand, a continuing concern involves the availability of fuel for those power plants to generate electricity when needed,” grid operator ISO New England reported in November.

“During extremely cold weather, natural gas pipeline constraints limit the availability of fuel for natural-gas-fired power plants,” the grid operator noted.

That’s exactly what is happening right now.

Unrelenting cold since late December has caused energy demand to spike, pushing up prices and straining supplies. New England power companies are struggling to keep up



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