After Begging for $94 Billion in Hurricane Aid, Puerto Rico Gives Away $113 Million in Bonuses

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Nevares just paid out over $100 million in Christmas bonuses to the island’s government employees.

This after begging American taxpayers to shell out $94 billion to pay for the territory’s recovery from Hurricane Maria.

Not to mention that President Donald Trump signed a federal government spending bill earlier this year that included $295 million in Medicaid funding for Puerto Rico’s struggling health care system.

The governor argues that the bonuses were part of the budget approved last summer and that they are a longstanding tradition allowed under the law.

I don’t think there is a law that states that the United States has to pay those bonuses!

Governor Rossello is a Democrat who took office in January. #justSayin

Breitbart reports:

Rossello requested the $94 billion federal aid package in November, estimating that $31 billion of the funds would go toward rebuilding homes and $18 billion would go



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