After Attempted NYC Terror Attack MSNBC Panel Goes Off On This Wild Narrative [Video]

[VIDEO] While the New York City subway terrorist attack was still a breaking story this MSNBC panel did not wait hours before going into their attack mode. They wanted to pre-empt the talking points about immigration and take it away from President Trump’s talking points. It is almost childish in its quick defense of immigration from Muslim countries and outright lies about the President’s travel ban. You can see it here and read the transcription.

As Written By Nicholas Fondacaro for Newsbusters:

As information was still coming in regarding Monday’s attempted terror attack in the New York City subway, an MSNBC panel discussing the news ridiculously shifted the topic to outrage over guns and gun crime in the U.S. And on top of that, they bemoaned how President Trump would try to make the attack an immigration issue to support his temporary travel ban.

The person responsible for kicking off the gun discussion was former NYPD



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